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Welcome to My name is Florian Meier and I am a professional tennis coach with experience at all levels, including the professional level!

This website is all about helping you improve your game!

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Recent Content

  • HittingCrossCourt

    Hitting Cross-Court Properly

    Hitting cross-court might be the most popular drill in the world. Unfortunately most players don't perform it in a very effective manner. In this video I show you how you can make this drill more effective!

  • SwingPatternScreenshot

    Topspin Groundstrokes Basic Swing Pattern

    In this video tip I explain the basic swing pattern that you need to develop for efficient topspin groundstrokes!
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  • HitUpAndOutNew

    Tennis Serve Tip: Hit Up And Out

    A lot of players struggle with missing the serve in the net too much because they hit down on the shot.
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  • MoveYourArmAsUnit

    Move Your Arm As A Unit On Your Volleys

    Most players make the mistake of swinging too much at their volleys. This video tip gives you a good idea of what you should focus on instead!
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  • LeadWithEdge

    Lead With The Edge

    Leading with the edge is one of the key fundamentals for a great serve and in this video I talk about it in detail

To become a great Tennis player, there is no way around developing great tennis technique!

Unfortunately, it is not enough to watch and try to copy what the pros do. In the technique section I offer videos that will show you step by step how to develop world class strokes practicing on the tennis court or even in your own home!

So what makes someone a great player ?

Well I have spent almost my entire life trying to find the answers for this. First to improve my own game when I was still competing and now to improve my students game. Now I would like to share that knowledge with you

In Tennis there are physical laws at play when it comes to your strokes, your tactics and your movement.

These are concepts that most likely your local tennis pro that charges $50 an hour has never heard off. On this site I offer you cutting edge tennis instruction for a fraction of the cost!

How could I become such an expert at teaching tennis ? The answer is passion! As a player I was the guy showing up 30 minutes early to practice and swinging the racket at home before going to bed. As a coach I have the same passion and I really enjoy seeing people improve and learning how to play their best Tennis!

Tennis is an extremely complicated and fascinating game.

If you are only half as passionate about Tennis as I am than this is the site for you!

On this site you will find:

  • Free tennis tips
  • Free tennis drills
  • Free articles on all sorts of tennis subjects
  • Downloadable video tennis lessons
  • Downloadable tennis tactics video/ebook
  • Downloadable tennis movement videos
  • Analysis of the current pro game and individual players

Regular Tennis Lessons

Unfortunately the standard in tennis teaching is not set very high in my opinion. Almost anybody that can hit a decent ball can become a tennis instructor. A regular tennis lesson usuallys consists of the pro hitting some balls with you and shouting a few generalized comments at you. Oftentimes you will hear these standard phrases:

  • Take the racket back early
  • Hit the ball in front
  • Move your feet

Unfortunately this is not the way to improve your game. What you need in your tennis lessons is very specific feedback on what you are doing wrong and how it should be done! The best way to go about this is with video analysis.

With this website I hope to help enthusiastic tennis players improve their game in a way that makes sense!

Pro Tour Analysis

If you are a big tennisfan like myself than I am sure you will enjoy my analysis of your favorite Professional Tennis Players!

I put up in detail analysis of the top players in the men’s game like Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, and Novak Djokovic.

Of course the top players in the women’s game are analyzed in detail as well. Check out my analysis for Serena Williams, Kim Clijsters, or Caroline Wozniacki for example!