Tennis Slice Tips

The slice backhand can be an extremely dangerous shot if you have good technique! There are several keys to hitting a good slice backhand and in these tips I will show you a couple of them.

Tennis Slice Tip #1:

Keep The Racket Face Relatively Flat

Most players open up the racket face way too much on their slice backhands. Have a look at this video tip where I explain that in detail!

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Video Summary:

Nobody likes to play against a slice that stays really low and skids through the court! In order to counter that kind of a shot you have to bend your knees a lot, which most recreational players don’t like to do at all. Therefore a good slice can be a real weapon in your game!

So what is the key for developing a slice that stays low and is really difficult to handle ? The key is to keep your racket face relatively flat around contact.

The most common mistake on the slice backhand is people opening up the racket face too much, usually in the hope of putting a lot of backspin on the ball!

If your racket face is too open your balls will turn out to be floaters. They will go up high and they will not skid through the court. A good slice needs to stay low and skid through the court for it to be difficult to return!

Stay tuned for more tips coming in the future!

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