My Favorite Tennis Training Aids

There are a lot of great training aids on the market and I am a big believer in using a few of them.

I have tested just about every single training aid there is on the market and below is a list of the ones that I find most useful according to categories

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My Favorite Training Aids:

1. For Technical Work

These devices are used mostly for technical work but can of course also be used for other purposes. Ball machines are extremely underrated in my opinion and I highly recommend them to all of my students!

The Tennis Twist Ball Machine

This is by far the training aid that i use the most on the court. It is a simple and cost effective ball machine that is great for working on technique. It delivers the same easy ball to you over and over which is exactly what you need when you want to make significant changes to your technique!

Tennis Twist Ball Machine

Tennis Tutor Plus Ball Machine

If you are really serious about your Tennis and you are willing to invest the money then this ball machine is a dream come true for you. I love this ball machine because it is portable and it is good enough to challenge even top level players! There are a couple of different versions so make sure you do the research to find the best fit for yourself!

Tennis Tutor Plus Ball Machine

2. Targets

Target practice can be extremely useful and oftentimes simple targets can make a big difference in a players game. You need to know what targets to use and how to use them though!

Airzone System

Most recreational players miss way too much in the net and even if the coach tells them they usually struggle with changing this. Using a system like this forces you to hit the ball higher and it quickly becomes a habit. Highly recommended!

Airzone System


This is another great device to help you miss in the net less. It blacks out the net so that you can no longer look through the net which usually quickly results in you hitting the ball higher over the net!


Pop-Up Targets:

These pop-up targets are great if you want to practice a particular shot like a flat serve or backhand down the line for example. They give you a great visual cue on where you should be aiming!

Pop Up Targets

Court Shapes Full Set

This is a great set of targets that you can use on the court. If you enjoy working with targets on the court or you are a coach then I recommend this set

Court Shapes

Long Lines

If you want to use targets but just need a basic setup then I recommend these long lines with which you can make great target areas!

Long Lines

3. Fitness/Movement

These training aids are geared towards helping you improve your fitness and movement on the tennis court.


Ladders are great for developing foot speed, quickness, balance and coordination. I use them almost daily with my students!

Sport Ladder

Medicine Balls

Medicine Balls are a well-known tool to help you develop more power for Tennis. Medicine-ball mini-tennis is one of my favourite drills for my students!

Medicine Balls

Power Resist System

This is another one of my favourite devices to work on movement and athleticism for tennis players. It is basically a resistance system with which you can practice the exact same movements that you make in a match only with resistance. It helps to get stronger and afterwards you will feel a lot faster around the court! Highly recommended

Power Resist System

Flex Trainer

In order to play tennis well you need to have a wide athletic stance and the Flex Trainer is great for helping with that. It forces you to stay low and therefore also helps you develop more leg strength.

There is one disadvantage to this device though: It somewhat forces you to stay down while you hit and that is only useful on very low balls. On most other shots you want to move back up and therefore the danger with this device is to develop a bad habit. Nevertheless it is great for working on a good athletic stance and developing lower body strength!

Flex Trainer


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