Tennis Volley Tips

In Pro Tennis we rarely get to see players at the net anymore. I think this is very unfortunate, but there are good reasons for it as well. I plan on publishing an article on this subject in the near future on this website.

I do believe that coming to the net and having good volleys is still a big advantage in the pro game but even more so in the recreational game!

Here I would like to share with you my favorite volley tips!

Move Your Arm As A Unit

Most players swing too much at the ball and don’t move the arm in sync with the body!

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Tennis Volley Tip:

Focus On Your Feet And Not Your Arm!

A very common problem I see in recreational Tennis is that players try to do everything with the arm when they are at the net!

The arm action on the volley is a very short and compact motion with almost no backswing. Almost never have I seen a player that takes too short off a backswing; it is almost always too long!

Basically you try to use the speed of the incoming ball and then you try to step forward as you hit. This is often called moving through the volley.

It is of course not possible to move through every volley. There are plenty of situations at the net where you can only block the shot without moving your feet, especially if the ball is coming at you fast.

The basic idea for a good volley though is built around using your legs to move through the shot.

Ideally you want to move the racket forward by stepping forward. The arm actually does very little in this process! Basically you need to synchronize your stepping and your hitting.

Most often I see players that step too early which leaves them with no energy transfer through the shot.

Tennis Volley Tip:

Keep Your Racket Up High After The Hit!

In order to hit a good volley you need to move the racket forward on a rather straight line. Almost every recreational player I see moves the racket down too much too early.

Even if the ball is above net height you should still not hit down but rather hit on a straight line. Gravity will bring the ball down!

So next time you practice your volleys I recommend that you watch where your racket is at the end of the shot. Is it way below the contact point ? If so you have a problem.

Try to keep the racket at least as high as the contact point was in the follow-through!

Tennis Volley Tip:

Let The Ball Come Into The Strings!

In my previous tip I already discussed how most players tend to swing too much at the volley. Excessive arm action makes it almost impossible to control your volleys when you have fast balls coming at you!

A great tip to try and get rid of this is to think about letting the ball come into the strings rather than actively bringing the racket forward to contact the ball. Doing this will shorten your swing and should result in cleaner hit shots.

Of course this is just a tip to help you move in the right direction. This is not supposed to mean that there is no arm action involved at all in the volley. The idea of this tip is to help you minimize your swing to the correct length!

So that was it for my tennis volley tips. Let me know if they helped you with your volleys!

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