Tennis Games To Help You Improve Your Game!

On this page I would like to share some variations of tennis games that you can use to improve certain aspects of your Tennis. Instead of playing regular sets and matches over and over these games can give you a focus to work on something in particular. They can also mix up your practice routines and add some fun to your sessions.

1. Tennis Games – Match Variations

Two First Serves

To improve your first serve try playing a set where each player has two first serves or three serves overall. This tennis game will make sure that you go for your serve more and try to develop your serve into a weapon!

Ace wins the game

Another variation that will make you risk more on your serve. Any time someone hits an ace they win the game immediately. Great for players that are too conservative with their first serves!

One Serve Only

If you have trouble with your second serve, especially under pressure, try playing some sets where each player has only one serve. This will allow you to practice your second serve under pressure more!

Net Error Looses Game

The net is your biggest enemy on the tennis court. The top players almost never miss in the net and amateurs tend to miss in the net way too much. One way to practice avoiding the net is to play sets where any standard/easy groundstroke missed in the net results in a lost game. So if it is the first point in a game and you miss a routine forehand your opponent wins the game! I would not count shots that where really hard to get and ended up in the net but rather just shots that should have been made! You can of course vary this tennis game to net error looses two points for example.

Net Point Won Counts Double

To improve your net game you can play sets where every point won at the net counts for two points!

Winner Counts Double

Any straight out winner counts for two points. This game will help you work on being more aggressive on the tennis court! This will also make sure that everybody tries as hard as possible to reach every ball since they don?t want to loose two points!

3 in a row wins game

In this tennis game you play a set where a game is won only when somebody wins three points in a row. Often in Tennis after you win a point or two in a row there is a tendency to not try as hard on the next point since you are ahead in the game and you feel confident. With this game you try to work on the importance of every single point!

2. Tennis Practice Games

Two on One Point Games

Here you play points with one player by himself and two players as a doubles team on the other side. You can play with the doubles team starting at the baseline or at the net. These games make it very difficult for the singles player to hit a winner and to win in general. It can be a great challenge and is also a good variation if one of the players on the court is stronger than the others!

King Of The Court

In this game one player is the king on one side and the challengers are on the other side. Challengers need to win three points in a row (can be varied) to replace the king. Whoever wins a certain amount of points or has the most points once the time is over on the king side wins the game. This can be played as a doubles game as well of course.

Tag Team Singles

At least two players are lined up behind each other on the baseline on each side. The players on each side form a team and they have to alternate hitting. Points are played out this way until one of the teams wins. This game can make for some fun situations and the players need to work on their movement depending on where and how well the partner has hit the last ball.

Live Ball

Four players on the court are hitting cross-court. Two players have a forehand cross-court rally going and two players a backhand cross-court rally. They rally until someone misses or a winner is hit. The first person to realize that one rally is over shouts out ?Live Ball? and now the other ball is played out as a doubles point. Both points count so there are always two points to give. Afterwards two balls are put in play simultaneously again for the cross-court rallies. This is usually one of the most fun tennis games!

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