Tennis Groundstroke Drills

On this page I want to provide some general tennis groundstroke drills that should help anybody improve their game!

Tennis Groundstroke Drills

Hitting Cross-Court

Hitting cross-court might be the most popular drill in the world and in my opinion it is often done in a manner that is not very realistic and effective. In this video I show you an alternative that is a lot more productive!


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The Two On One Hitting Drill

Two on one is one of my all-time favorite hitting drills. With this drill you can really challenge the player on the one side in terms of intensity and footwork!

20 balls deep cross-court

Every Tennisplayer needs to be able to hit the ball reasonably hard cross-court and deep to be successful! One of the best drills for this is the 20-ball cross court deep drill!

With this drill a coach or partner feeds you balls alternating to your forehand and backhand. The goal is for you to hit 20 balls in a row cross-court past the service line without missing. Every time you miss you start again at 0!

If you can consistently hit the ball cross-court deep you will beat a lot more players than usual!

If you are a beginner or don't have a partner you can also drop/toss the ball for yourself. A ball machine could be a great alternative as well.

Baseline Game To Eleven

Baseline Games to eleven are extremely popular among tennis players. In this game the ball is fed by a coach or one player, the other player then hits the first ball cross-court and afterwards the point is played out. You can alternate feeding and also alternate feeding to forehand and backhand.

Many players play this game with the feed and the first ball down the middle; I prefer the feed and the first ball cross-court because I think it is more realistic. This game will lead to plenty of groundstroke rallies and therefore is great for improving your game from behind the baseline!

Rallying with a higher net!

The majority of all tennis matches are won by the player that hits less unforced errors!That means that if you can hit the ball over more often than your opponent you will most likely win the match!

Coaches often say that the net is your biggest enemy on the tennis court and I definitely agree. Almost all players except for the pros miss too much in the net!

To work on missing in the net less, I highly recommend getting something like a higher net!

The simplest way to do this is to place a high pole on each end of the net and hang some kind of rope over it. This will give you a visual goal to hit over! Make sure you use something with a colour that is easily visible! Alternatively you can buy higher nets on many tennis internet sites!

With your higher net you can now rally over it; try to hit a certain number of balls without missing or even play points with the higher net! Doing this on a regular basis will most likely improve your Tennis very quickly!

Points for depth!

You put a line halfway between the service line and the baseline to divide the backcourt into two areas. Every ball that bounces behind that line counts for two points and every ball that lands behind the service line but in front of the other line counts for 1 point. Shots that land in the service box do not give you any points. You can now rally with your partner and play up to 50 or 100 points. This is a great drill to work on depth!

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