Vic Braden

Vic Braden is one of the most recognized tennis coaches in the world! After playing some professional Tennis himself, he became one of the leading tennis teachers and researchers in the world. He was the first tennis teacher that consistently used scientific research to test and renew his teaching theories!

Vic talking about the Science and Research of Tennis

About Vic Braden

Born in 1929, Vic was first involved with many other sports like Basketball, Football, and Baseball. He got introduced to the game of Tennis when he got caught steeling tennis balls. The guy that caught him convinced him to give the game a try and everything unfolded from there. Vic actually later dedicated one of his books to this man.

As a player Vic had a solid junior career. He was one of the better players in the United States in his age group. This allowed him to play Tennis at Kalamazoo College where he graduated in 1951.

As a professional player, Braden had a short career lasting from 1952 to 1954. At the time there were simply not that many tournaments and that much prize money to be had. He played

Vic The Tennis Teacher

Vic turned to teaching the game of Tennis. In 1962 he together with Jack Kramer founded the famous Jack Kramer Tennis Club in California. There Vic was the head professional, made Tennis extremely popular at the club and also produced numerous junior champions including Tracy Austin. He worked at the Kramer Club until 1972 when he decided to go out on his own and founded the Vic Braden Tennis College in Coto de Cazo California.

Vic is well-known for using video analysis in order to improve player’s stroke mechanics!

At his college, Vic took this method to another level. Every court was equipped with a video analysis booth where coaches and students could look at and analyze what happened during the lessons on court.

Even though Vic has worked with many high performance players and has started some of the tennis greats like Tracy Austin in the game of Tennis, he is known as the coach for the masses.

Only very few players will ever play college or even professional Tennis and one of his main goals was to really identify and help the average players play better and enjoy the game more!

In addition to being a great tennis teacher he is known as a great entertainer. He always stretched the importance of laughing on the Tennis court and one of his famous mottos was: Laugh and Win!

Vic Braden – An Entertaining Tennis Teacher for the masses!

With his tennis knowledge and his entertainer qualities, Vic Braden became quite the celebrity in the tennis world and was featured on many TV Shows!

Tennis Research

Doing research on Tennis has always been a passion for Vic. He co-founded the tennis research centre in Coto de Caza, California with Dr. Gideon Ariel, a biomechanics specialist. The two studied human movement in all kinds of sports with a focus on Tennis.

Vic and Dr. Ariel analyzing the serve of Roscoe Tanner

This type of analysis and research was of course revolutionary in those years. Most of the research findings from those days are still used in tennis instruction today.

He published a lot of his findings in over 20 books and instructional video tapes. I highly recommend looking at any of his books and/or tapes no matter how old they might be!

His book Tennis 2000 is the one book that I would recommend any tennis fan to read!

Braden had an extreme thirst for knowledge. As a result, Vic did not only research the biomechanics and science of human movement in Tennis. He also earned a Masters degree in Psychology and became a licensed psychologist. A lot of his time was spent researching the mental part of Tennis and the way the brain works in general.

With the information here I have only covered a small aspect of Vic’s contributions to the game of Tennis. He was also involved in countless other projects and is a true ambassador for this great game of Tennis.

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