Professional Tennis Players And Pro Tour Analysis

In this section we will analyze and discuss professional tennis players, their game styles, and the lifestyle of pro players.

Currently, there are 1,814 pro tennis players ranked on the ATP Tour and 1,106 pro players ranked on the WTA Tour.

Almost all of these players are trying to make a living playing Tennis. Unfortunately, and maybe surprising to some of you, only roughly the Top 200 in the men’s and women’s game can really make a living at it!

Everyone else has to rely on sponsorships from the family, a club team, or other donators. The tennis economy is a very steep pyramid with the top players making millions of dollars and the others barely surviving.

If you compare this to any of the big American team sports or soccer, it really is quite amazing. The 300th best soccer player in the world is most certainly a millionaire whereas the 300th best tennis player is probably close to breaking even at the end of the year!

Choose your favorite player on the left for a short biography and an in-depth analysis of their tennis game!

If you are interested in analysis of the Pro Tennis Tour in general rather than the individual players, click this Tour Analysis link to get to that section!

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Life On The Pro Tour

Most recreational tennis players and tennis fans associate glamour and fame with Professional Tennis but the reality is often quite different! As you already know only the top players are the ones making a lot of money and living a more glamorous lifestyle. Even if you are a top player though, the lifestyle of rarely being home and lifing in hotels is often a grind for every professional tennis player!

Some of the questions that I will discuss in this section in the future are:

  • What does it take to become a pro tennis player ?
  • How did most of them get there ?
  • Where did they learn how to play Tennis ?
  • What are the attributes that all top players combine ?
  • How much of it can be learned and how much is someone born with ?
  • What is the difference between the top professional tennis players and average players ?
  • What is the daily life like on the Pro Tour ?

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