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On this page I would like to provide tennis articles on all kinds of subjects related to the game of Tennis. This great game is so complex and everyone that wants to learn how to play better tennis should try to take in as much tennis information as possible.

Tennis Information can generally be categorized in the four areas of Tennis: Technical, Tactical, Physical, and Mental. All of the articles here will relate to one or more of the four areas of Tennis. If you have explored my site a bit further you probably already know by now that I believe great technique is the cornerstone for every tennis player! Therefore, I will try to write several articles about tennis technique and why I think it is so important.

Also we will talk about tennis development in general; what I think works and what probably does not work. Since I am working with some high performance players, I will also write some about the tournaments I travel to and the lessons that can be learned from those experiences.

After years of coaching beginners, intermediate players, competitive juniors, and professional tennis players I believe that no matter if you are a beginner or an aspiring professional player you will face very similar changes to take your game to the next level!

There are certain things that you have to do on the tennis court in order to be successful and these things are very similar no matter how high you play!

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Of course you can only learn so much by reading articles. These tennis articles can help you get a much better understanding for the game and the process of learning how to play this game well.

At the end of the day though you need to get out on the court and work on things. Whatever area of the game you are working on; improving is about repeating the correct habits over and over again!

Check out the other sections of this site for detailed video instruction on how to improve your tennis game!

Some upcoming articles include:

The Physics of Tennis

Tennis: A constant fight for time and space

Goal Setting in Tennis

The importance of depth


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