Tennis Equipment: What Do You Really Need ?

Tennis players are often obsessed with their tennis equipment. The newest rackets, shoes, and strings are among the most popular topics. In this section I will explain the most important aspects of equipment. I will try to inform you about what is important and also what is not important!

One thing to keep in mind is that finding the best tennis equipment is not nearly as important as most tennis players believe!

The differences between rackets and strings are usually very minimal and for most people their time is much better spent worrying about their technique, tactics, fitness, and mental game!

So overall I am not a big fan of spending countless hours optimizing rackets and strings unless you have already optimized all other aspects of your tennis game!

Nevertheless, training aids can be very important and they are definitely worth spending a lot of time on. Click this link for: My Favorite Training Aids 

Now back to rackets and strings. Oftentimes a student will ask me something like this: Do you think I should play with the Prince or the Wilson racket ? The Prince gives me more control but with the Wilson I have more power.

I will usually answer something like this: I think you need to worry about improving your backhand and getting in better shape. If you do that you will play a lot better and it won’t matter much if you play with the Wilson or the Prince racket!

What tennis equipment do you need ?

Tennis Rackets

The racket is of course one of the most important aspects of tennis equipment. Tennis rackets come in many different sizes and shapes. Certain rackets are better for certain types of players and the pros do customize their rackets quite a bit.

Nevertheless it is important to keep in mind that a good player is a good player no matter what type of racket he uses and the same is true for a bad player!

Click this link for more information on Tennis Rackets

Tennis Strings

There are so many different types of tennis strings, it is impossible to keep track of the developments! At the pro level strings can play a big role and Luxilon strings have certainly had an influence on how the professional game is played these days!

It is important to remember though that for most recreational players the type of string does not matter nearly as much as most people believe!

Click this link for more information on Tennis Strings

Tennis Balls

Tennis players are already confused with choosing rackets and strings but nowadays there is also a big variety on tennis balls available. Balls usually vary in pressure and the amount of felt that surrounds the core. I have no particular recommendation as for which balls to play with. Use a ball that you are comfortable playing with!

One thing to keep in mind though is that it takes a little while to get used to a certain ball. Therefore if you have a tournament or league match coming up I highly recommend finding out which balls are used and practicing with those beforehand!

Tennis Grips

The grip on a tennis racket also comes in different forms. You can either use a leather grip, like the ones that are usually on the racket when you buy it or you can put a grip on top, which is called an overgrip. The leather ones are more expensive to replace but they also last a lot longer. If you use a leather grip or an overgrip is simply a matter of feel and preference.

Is is important though to have the right size of grip on your tennis racket. If you are unsure I highly recommend that you go into a tennis store near you and have an expert recommend the right grip size for you! Do not order a racket over the Internet until you have found out the right grip size for yourself!

Vibration Dampeners

Many tennis players play with so-called vibration dampers in their strings. These dampers change the sound when you hit the ball. Some pros play with dampers and other play without. Again I believe it is a matter of personal preference and whatever you are used to. It will not influence what the ball does when you hit it!

String Savers

Tennis strings used to be very expensive and many players used so-called string savers to make strings last longer. Nowadays strings are not that expensive anymore and string savers are not used as much. They are great though when you are playing in a tournament and you want to avoid switching rackets because of a broken string!

Sweat bands

In hotter climates sweat bands can be very important for tennis players. Getting sweat on your grip can be really annoying!

Sun Screen

Sun screen is an important part of tennis equipment and should be in every tennis players bag. The sun can be really intense on the court and most of the time you will not notice a sunburn until you are off the court!

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Tennis Equipment – Training Aids

The most useful tennis equipment often comes in the form of tennis training aids!

Let’s have a look at some useful training aids!

Wrist Assist

One great device to work on your strokes is the wrist assist. It helps you keep your wrist laid back throughout contact. This will help you hit clean shots!

Click here for more info on the Wrist Assist

Practice Hit Stroke Developer

The Practice Hit Stroke Developer is one of my favorite tennis training aids! It is one of the best tools on the market to help you work on your technique!

Click here to find out more about the Practice Hit

Ball Machines

A tennis ball machine can be a great way to work on your game! I am a big fan of ball machines to work on your technique. In order to really improve a stroke you need tons of repetitions of the new motion and a great way to do that is with the ball machine!

Big ball machines are expensive though and if you are trying to change your technique there is a small ball machine, which is called The Tennis Twist, that is an excellent tool for working on your technique! Check out my video on the tennis twist ball machine:

The Tennis Twist Ball Machine

I will publish an article on the bigger ball machine types and how to use those in the future!

So that was it for Tennis Equipment!

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